Mystic Messenger Email Guide – Follow The Story Mode To Start Playing And Discover Answers Within A Half An Hour!

The Email of Mystic Messenger is an invitation that the concerned user can send either to a single party member or to a set number of people. In this, the concerned user invites the player to join their party through email messengers recognized by the game. These messengers are recognizing in game as mystic communicators. Thus, in this email guide, there is present a number of things one needs to consider to make sure that the email of mystic messenger is correctly sent and received mystic messenger email guide .

There are certain things the recipient of the email should do in order to receive the email invitation of the mystic messenger. The first thing is to accept the invitation. There is no need for you to click on the “agree” or “cancel” button. Your acceptance of the invitation means that your computer has accepted the invitation and it is the start of the game. After you accept the invitation, your computer will be registered so you will be able to access the special offers of the mystic messenger.

The second step is to input the correct answers in the text box of the form to be filled up. If you have not written any answers, it is suggested that you write them first so you will be able to match your response with the correct ones. Sometimes the text box will ask you some questions like: When did you start playing? and other similar questions.

The third step that should be done is to type the correct answer in the appropriate text box. This is very important since the mystic message that you have just received is based on codes. If you do not write the right code then your invitation will not be accepted and you will have to wait for two to three days before your code is changed. The mystic email guide will tell you the codes after you have started playing the game and sent out your invites.

You will know that you have successfully completed your task if the mystic messenger will inform you that you have 11 days to play games and make ten invites before the expiration of your code. Your invites will be posted on the fourteenth day so you will have to take the next step right away how to make stone in little alchemy . If you fail to register on the fourteenth day, your invites will not be delivered to your guests and you will be unable to receive any gifts or coins from your guests. On the other hand, if you successfully registered on the fourth day, you will receive your gifts and you can spend them on playing games.

The final step in the email guide tells you how to proceed in the game. You will have to go to the town square and turn to the green arrows on the top right corner. You will then notice that there are items and treasures in front of you. These items and treasures are required to complete a task. You will also need the coins and gems to complete this task and turn in for your rewards.